May Flowers

Posted by Ruth on 30 May 2013 | 0 Comments
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The saying goes "April's showers bring May flowers", well for the northern hemisphere that is true. Maybe not so much in the southern hemisphere where autumn is changing into winter. With the early snowfalls, the only way to brighten one's home is to make some applique flowers instead.

So, what flowers did I release this month?

I started out with the Clematis.

Then came my Gladis.

Followed by my Calla Lily. (I think this is my favorite for the month)

And lastly my Dianthus.

We have one more Friday in May so five flowers this month. How appropriate for the southern hemisphere. Can you guess what it will be or will you just wait until my blog post tomorrow?

To find the downloads for these flowers, check out my website at: BOW flower blocks

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