Clematis Quilt Pattern

Posted by Ruth on 24 May 2014 | 0 Comments

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Today I was looking at my Climbing Clematis quilt. This quilt was originally made for a beginner's class in color wash applique. The background is made up with a color wash of squares and clematis flowers are appliqued on top. It's fun and easy to make.

I had based it on the wild New Zealand Clematis which is white, but I was wondering how the flowers might look in pink instead. We often see pink Clematis in New Zealand, just not in the wild.

So what I did was, pulled my quilt image into GIMP and played with the flower colors. Here is the original so you can compare.

The first change has just a hint of pink in the petals. Can you see it?

My next had more pink. This is much more visible.

And my last more of a magneta coloring.

What fun!

After playing with this quilt in GIMP, I thought it was time to update the website page for this pattern. I added a charm pack which includes FORTY 2-1/2" squares (enough to make the background area) and also listed the pattern for download.

Check it out - Climbing Clematis quilt pattern

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