August Challenge Week 1

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Today I'm going to "dare" you to join my August blog challenge. I hope you will as it will be fun. I've done a number of these in the past and have always created something new - sometimes even inspired me to create a new pattern!

Over the next few weeks of August, I'm going to work on my challenge and share photos to show you where I'm at. I hope you will do the same. So what's the challenge? Here we go....

August Blog Challenge

You can make any sized quilt or wall hanging you like - although it is best to keep these small. I usually make them the size of a piece of paper or so. A3 size is really good if you want to go a little bigger (that's the size of 2 pieces of paper side by side - portrait way).

In your quilt, you need to incorporate the following 5 words. I'm thinking, since there are 5 Wednesdays in August I will try to incorporate a word each week - but you can do it all at once if you wish, just use all the words in some way to complete your project.

Your challenge words are: Leaf, Shiny, Shadow, Liquid, Vertical

First things first, pull some fabrics from your stash. You might want to collect a few embellishments as well. Think about the words while you are collecting these as often that will guide you. My suggestions below will help you get started....

I started by selecting some fabrics that I feel might be useful to help incorporate the five words. The first two I selected are shiny so if I use them, that would be one word covered already. The dark fabric is a cotton Lamé and the blue and pink is silk. The blue I could possibly use for the word 'liquid' and the dark may be used for a 'shadow'... this is part of the reason I chose them.

august challenge week1 1shiny fabrics


The next two fabrics have 'leaf' prints and as a bonus, the one on the right has 'shiny' gold leaves.

august challenge week1 2leaf fabrics


This fabric with its strips could be used where the stripes run up and down to create 'vertical'.

august challenge week1 3stripe fabric


And I have chosen a few other fabrics I think may come in handy.

august challenge week1 4extra fabrics


One note to remember, you don't need to represent all the words in fabrics. There are other ways to complete this challenge too. For example, you might create a design with 'leaves' blowing in the wind or a tree casting a 'shadow' on the ground or a landscape with a cliff for 'vertical' by a lakeside ('liquid'). Just gather some fabrics you think might work for your project. You don't have to use them all and as you work, you might add more depending on where your creativity takes you.

For this week's word, I have chosen 'liquid'. I have decided that I'd like to work with the blue silk fabric which gives the impression of water. I will probably enhance that with stitching at a later date - we'll see how things turn out!

august challenge week1 5liquid fabric

What word will you choose for your first?

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  • I'd love to start your challenge. Time will be a factor for me, but I'm hoping to find something to bring back my sewing mojo and creativity.

    Posted by Marie Williams, 18/08/2018 8:58am (4 years ago)

  • Great Amanda, hope you will join in. The challenges are fun for me too but I don't always get time to create them.... yet I do hope to do them a little more often than I have recently - perhaps every few months.

    Posted by Ruth, 07/08/2018 8:14pm (4 years ago)

  • Hi Ruth...your blog challenge is back ..Yay! These are so good at making me think outside the square and challenging my creativity :) :)

    Posted by Amanda Maxwell , 07/08/2018 6:25pm (4 years ago)

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