August Challenge Week 3

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This week I'm going to try to use 'shadow' as my word. What will you use? If you are yet to get started, go back to week 1 to find out what it is all about. Here's a link back to it: Part 1I found another piece of silk that I thought I could include in my design. I'm making this up as I go so like me, feel free to dip back into your stash again. The initial fabric selection is basically just a place to get started. You don't have to use them all and you can add more as you work along.

august challenge week3 1silk fabric

A new silk fabric introduced

I love how the rock salt makes such interesting movement in the colors!

I started by adding fusible webbing to the back of the silk, thinking I'd create a frame.....

august challenge week3 2frame

...but ended up scrapping that idea. The fun thing about creating, you can change your mind and it is fun to see where your thoughts lead you.

Instead of the frame idea, I folded the fusible into quarters and drew some curves.

august challenge week3 3drawing for cutout

Curves drawn on folded fusible

This reminded me of those paper doll chains we used to make as kids!

august challenge week3 4doll chain cutout

Chained paper dolls

I cut out each curve, leaving a little extra so that once it was fused onto the fabric I'd be making a nice crisp cut through both fabric and fusible together along the line. The shadow on the ironing board as I was taking this photo, gave me an idea.

august challenge week3 5fusible cut out

Fusible cut out

The curves were quite interesting when I unfolded the fusible so I pressed it onto the silk and cut it out. Here it is sitting over the background.

august challenge week3 6silk cut out

I played around with the leaves, popping them in between the two layers.

august challenge week3 7positioning leaves

august challenge week3 8positioning leaves

After playing a while, I realized I had better think a little harder about my word this week 'shadow' so using the backing paper from the fusible, I got an idea of where the top fabric might cast a shadow on the background.

august challenge week3 9shadow casting

With an idea in mind, I used that backing paper to cut out the shapes so I could get a better sense of the finished idea. The backing paper cut-outs also gave me templates to use later.

august challenge week3 10shadow templates

So that's enough playing, it is time to press down the fabrics to make them permanent.... I tipped some of the leaf sections above the top layer and some below for added interest - notice the two leaves on the left how one section extends over the top fabric while the next is under.

august challenge week3 11pieces pressed in place

Time to begin stitching - this is my favorite part! I started with the main section and free motioned around it twice using a dark olive green rayon thread.

august challenge week3 12double stitching around main section

Beginning to stitch - free motion

Then once around the leaves using a matching thread.

For the second round on the leaves, I used a dark thread. You can see the difference this make....

august challenge week3 13double stitching around leaf

Lastly, I used the paper templates to stitch in the shadows.

august challenge week3 14shadow stitching

Shadows stitched in

I do plan to do more to these shadows but haven't decided exactly what yet. Perhaps I just need some time to think about it... How did you get on?

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  • Hi Ruth, I also tried to add a shadow this week. In my quilt I have a pear, and tried to create a shadow under the pear!

    Posted by Virginia, 18/08/2018 8:38am (4 years ago)

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