August Challenge Week 5

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My last word and last week of August for this challenge! The word I have yet to use is 'vertical'.

I've been thinking about that and an easy solution would be to hang the entire piece in a vertical position or in other words, portrait style.

However, I don't think that is really enough to portray the word so instead, I may take up my thoughts from week one and enhance the blue silk fabric to have a bit more of a liquid feel - I'm thinking of creating a waterfall effect in the background.

Pulling threads from my thread stash is just as much fun as finding the right fabrics!

august challenge week5 1pulling blue threads

I started with only the blue areas - I realized that the photo can help make the right choices but it is always good to remember that often it is important to include a little contrast in shades as well as matching them.

These variegated threads look like fun to work with!

august challenge week5 2variegated blue threads

This is the one I decided to use for the blue areas with a plain navy for the areas in the shadows.

august challenge week5 3variegated blue for stitching

As I was stitching, I noticed how the silk had pulled in a little at the top - something to be aware of before stitching begins as it is way too late to try correcting that now. I'll trim it square at the end.

august challenge week5 4silk pulled inward

I stitched vertical lines and in some places made little bumps like water dribbles.

august challenge week5 5water dribbles

I stopped at the orange sections as I plan to use orange thread there.

august challenge week5 6stitching stops at orange

Here's how it looks with all the blue area stitched including the darker thread in the shadow sections.

august challenge week5 7blue stitching finished

It was interesting trying to find the right thread for the orange area. It is more of a red/orange color but when I pulled my threads out, I could see the salmon pink (at the bottom of the photo) was much closer in color than the other threads I had.august challenge week5 8selecting orange thread

The thread I finally decided on was a variegated red, orange and pink thread. Colors I would not normally put together but I thought now is an opportunity to try. It turned out better than I'd hoped for!

august challenge week5 9variegated red thread

Here's how the stitching turned out in the orange areas...

august challenge week5 10variegated red stitching

august challenge week5 11variegated red stitching closeup

In the close-up, you can see how I connected the lines of stitching. 

I worked on to finish all the stitching so here is how it looks. Of course, I'll have to turn it upright for the lines to be vertical!

august challenge week5 12stitching complete

Now all I need to do is finish it off... I could add some beads... and I'm not sure what kind of binding I'll use yet. Let me think on that and I'll get back to you.

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