March Week Four

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It's been a very hectic week with visitors and a wedding to attend so both Emma and I had little time to work on our challenge pieces but we did manage to progress. Emma used free-motion stitching to attach her applique. She started with the balloons...

march wk4 emmas appliqued balloons

Balloons appliqued on

and then the leaves.

march wk4 emmas appliqued leaves

Leaves appliqued on

She used a metallic copper thread on some leaves which we thought might be troublesome, but by sewing slowly and loosening the top thread, it didn't even break once!

march wk4 emmas copper thread

Hopefully, Emma will be able to finish off next week and we will do another update for you.

I pondered about my sky section for some time but really did feel it needed further stitching so added to what I already had. I kept the lines quite close together stopping and starting at the palm trees, locking off the stitches then dragging the threads over and continuing on.

march wk4 ruths 1dragging threads

Threads are dragged over the trees

Once I finished, I went back with sharp scissors and clipped away the threads.

march wk4 ruths 2snipping threads

Use sharp scissors to clip close to the surface

march wk4 ruths 3trimmed

All threads trimmed back

At this point, it was time to review what else I needed to include in my quilt. I've used curved piecing and layering in the construction and the night sky, island, ocean, and reflection can be easily identified in the piece. Blue and turquoise fabrics and threads were used in the water and sky, and emerald with ecru in the palm trees and sand. So that only leaves me with amber and some form of celebration which should be easy with fireworks. 

First I squared up my piece...

march wk4 ruths 6squared

Squaring up my quilt

Then I tipped out a few beads to get an idea of how the fireworks would look and quickly decided I preferred to group the same beads together in like colors.

march wk4 ruths 4auditioning beads

groups of beads for fireworks

But do I want four groups or just three?

march wk4 ruths 5auditioning beads3

one group removed

I always prefer an odd number so settled for three. I started stitching the main group on - by hand.

march wk4 ruths 7first fireworks

first set of beads stitched on by hand

and then I made the other two groups smaller to make them appear more distant. Here's how my piece looks with all the beads stitched on.

island celebrations

Island Celebrations

Check back next week to see how both pieces are finished up and if you joined in, please send me a photo so I can show our readers.

Happy Quilting!

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