March Week One

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It's time for the first week of the challenge. If you missed the rules for our March Challenge you can find them here: Rules for this challenge.

During the past week, I was asked the question "What if there is a word on the list that I don't choose, can I still incorporate that word in my quilt?" For example, Buttons is my B word, but my buttons are black. Can I still use them? The answer is "yes". As long as you include 1 word for each row and 2 per column to create your celebration quilt, then anything else is fair use. You should have a list of 11 words that you must use and you can add anything else to it.

Given that I am not allowed to choose from the same 'box' that Emma picks, here is Emma to explain her choices for Task One and some ideas behind it.

As a child, my birthday celebration often included a barbeque.  This was special for me because it was often the last barbeque of the season, being that March is the beginning of Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere. This idea was what I kept in mind while making my selections.

Sewing terms: Echo Quilting, Embellishment, Block Piecing, Applique, Negative Space

simply sunflowers echo quilting

Example of echo quilting from Mum's "Simply Sunflowers" quilt

Colors: Copper, Red, Indigo, Orange

week1 Emmas colors2

Example of how I might use my colors fabric, thread, beads, buttons and/or embellishments

Natural Elements: Leaves, Tree

Autumn Breeze

Example of leaves from my pattern "Autumn Breeze"

Some of these picks were more straight forward than others.  For instance, thinking of Autumn led me to pick Copper, Red, Orange, Leaves, and Tree.  I could easily use Applique and Echo Quilting to get the effect I want as well.  Negative Space was an interesting pick, but the other 'N' words didn't fit into my idea.  I am sure I will think of something over the next week to make this work.  I also got stuck for my 'I' word, not wanting yet another sewing term to add to my list (I think 5 sewing terms is plenty).  I decided Indigo would be one I could incorporate to help reinforce the 'celebration' idea as it nicely contrasts the Autumn colors I had picked - maybe I can include some presents or ribbon using this color.

Emma surely has some interesting words to use and I'm left to pick differently by eliminating the 'boxes' she has selected from. I decided to start by picking at least two sewing terms...

You all know applique is my favorite thing to do, but alas, Emma has already chosen that one, however that doesn't mean I cannot include some it just cannot be one of the words I choose. So what I've decided instead is to use "curved piecing" to create my background and "layering" to add some pieces on top. I actually used curved piecing in my last challenge so if you want to see how to do this check back to this blog post: How to do curved piecingLayering could be something along the lines of this quilt where I've used organza over the top.

For my natural elements, I decided on reflection, island, ocean and night sky - these could work together well I feel and I already have some thoughts for next week's planning. Reflections could possibly be the hardest word, but I could easily do something like this quilt.

moon lake closeup

Example of reflections in my quilt "Moon Lake"

Lastly, I chose my colors. I have the letters E, E, B, A, T - yes I will need two E's otherwise I'll be missing a row. With ocean and sky as my elements, blue and turquoise will be easy to include. I'm sure emerald and ecru can be used for the island as sand and greenery. Amber will be the most difficult and I must remember to tie it all into celebration too - perhaps a party on the beach! Definitely, some more thought required. 

Task Two:  Your next task is to come up with your design idea using the words you have selected and to gather your materials.

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