March Week Two

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This week we need to think about what we will create using our selected words and then collect all the materials to make it. I'll hand you over to Emma to explain her thoughts and show you the materials she'll be working with. 

I have decided that I will use Block Piecing that incorporates a Tree as my main background.  The piecing will also incorporate fallen Leaves, though I plan to reinforce this idea with Applique.  I did a bit of searching for a block that would work and would also give me the flexibility to incorporate in the Negative Space - I have decided the 'Arrowhead Variation Block' would work well. I found instructions for the 12" block but I recalculated the measurements to make mine 6" instead. I could use it twice at this size, one on top of the other. I've choosen some background fabrics that might work for this.

march w2 emma BGfabrics

Fabrics for background

The applique leaves will be ranging in colors of Copper, Red, and Orange, and will be Echo Quilted to show the motion of them falling.  I will also use Embellishments to finish the piece.

march wk2 Emmas applique fabrics

Applique fabrics

That uses up all my words, except for Indigo.  As I mentioned last week, I will use this to tie my piece back to the theme of celebration, but I have decided to do this by making balloons that will be floating up the tree.  And with this decision, I now know that my embellishments will be cording that will be the strings of the balloons.  I really think this will help make them stand out and be a feature of the piece (I was going to say it would make them pop, but that's probably not the best term to use when talking about balloons).

march wk2 Emmas balloons

Fabric and cord for balloons

Now that my design is set and I've gathered the materials I'm ready for next week. 

I like where Emma is going with this idea. Piecing can be a fun way to create an art quilt which undoubtedly she is doing. I'm not sure about you, but I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes with this. As for me, it is time to put on my thinking cap and come up with an idea.

I think my natural elements tend to lead toward thinking seascape. I will focus mostly on the ocean as being my main part of the background. From there I can create a horizon line, adding a night sky above it, and an island and reflection somewhere within it.

To use my techniques, the sea could easily be curved pieced to create movement and I'll add some layering with additional pieces on top. I will also need to think about where to add a reflection. It could be under the island and tree or below the horizon line.

This concept makes it easy to select fabrics but I do need to remember I'm dealing with a night sky so colors would need to be somewhat dark.

I drafted up a sketch to get an idea of how it might be,

march wk2 ruths sketch

Ruth's sketch

.... and then I pulled out a selection of fabrics for the background. 

march wk2 ruths bgfabric selection

blues and turquoise colors for sky and ocean

Emerald green which can be used for a palm tree and ecru for sand on the island.

march wk2 ruths applique fabric selection

palm tree and island fabrics

I could always add emerald green in the ocean too!

In addition, I've collected a number of threads and beads that I may use. I know I'll need to quilt in extra lines so best to have a good selection of various colors and I still need to include the word, Amber.

march wk2 ruths thread selection

Ruth's selection of threads

march wk2 ruths bead selection

and a selection of beads

To make this entire piece into a celebration, my thoughts are leaning towards "fireworks". Beads and thread will help me there!

Now with the plans in place, I can look forward to next week. There will be a lot to do!

Task Three:  Next week's task is to put your piece together.

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