Spring Challenge - part 2

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So last week I set you a task of collecting 'warm' materials to make your challenge project as well as a neutral for the background which could be pieced together if you wanted. (Review last week's post). You also needed to come up with a plan or two of ideas for what you wanted to create.

My intention was to use a dark background because I like warm colors on dark, they tend to pop, but then I thought, no let's try something different and see how a light background plays out with the warm colors. Here are the ideas and thoughts I came up with by just playing around....

For the first possibility, I used my scraps of orange that happened to be 2.5" squares. I positioned them on-point in rows leaving gaps for the background to show between and folded the four side squares in half to form an octagon shape overall.

spring challenge w2 idea1

First thoughts using fabric squares and threads

To make this, I'll use orange and yellow thread, possibly free-motion randomly over the squares. The embroidery thread also gave me an idea of doing some hand stitching - running stitches through the background areas could be an interesting effect.

For my next possibility, I excluded the fabric. I basically dropped a piece of orange embroidery thread on the background to see where it feel. Nothing too exciting happened so I exaggerated the lines by expanding them outward so it covered more of the background. I then added some red embroidery thread - a different weight and ran it around in loops. I kept the yellow thread in straight lines as with the thicker red/black cord.

spring challenge w2 idea2

A second idea of using different colored threads and no fabric

My last possibility was more simplistic. I stuck to just red threads and cords of various weights and didn't overcrowd the background. Sometimes less is more appealing! 

spring challenge w2 idea3

A third idea using one color with various weights of thread

I like the idea of adding some red sequins but I'm not about to tip the packet out right now. Instead, I think I'll work with this last possibility and see what I come up over the next week.

How did you get on? Did any of my ideas help create some new thoughts? I'd love to hear from you. Email me a photo or two if you wish to arbeedesigns @ gmail.com (without the spaces) or my regular email.

This week you can start adding your "warms" to your background. For me, I've had a thought that's sparked another idea I want to try.... I'll tell you all about next week!

... and if you'd like to join me in some extra fun, check out my "Getting Started with Quilt Art" workshop where you have a whole lot of different exercises for different techniques to try. Making small things can give you a taste of what you like and what you don't like without an expensive outlay in materials.... and small things can easily be turned into cushions, placemats, pot holders, small modern wall hangings and more to give away as gifts. With Christmas coming up fast, what an ideal thing to do!

Happy Quilting!

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