Spring Challenge - part 3 with tutorial

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Did you begin stitching your warm colors this past week? I'd love to see what you did! My email details if you need them were posted in the last challenge page.

In the meantime, I want to show you what I've been up to and I have to admit, I did go off on a bit of a tangent - so easy to do when being creative. You see, I was playing with my red threads and cords as you saw in last week's post when I realized I really didn't have any red embellishments other than the sequins so I got to thinking...

But let's jump back a day or two. I'm not sure if you know that I also love to knit. Well, an online knitting group I'm in mentioned Dorest buttons, something I'd never heard about before but the picture intrigued me. I made a mental note that I should try making some the next time I needed big buttons - but what has this got to do with my challenge? Well, my mind jumped from large buttons to embellishment to my challenge to small buttons.... and I thought, why not?

So this is what I did...

I hunted through my bits and pieces looking for some sort of rings to use to make the Dorset button - nothing! All I could find was my plastic stitch markers, I had 2 sizes - 1cm and 1.5cm (that's 3/8" and 5/8" respectively) so pretty small.

spring challenge w3 stitch markers

Stitch markers for knitting

These will be pretty small buttons but I thought I'd give it a shot. Actually, I don't really recommend making one of these on the first go although making these buttons are really not difficult. Here's how I made mine using the larger of the two...

I threaded up my needle with red embroidery thread and started by making a buttonhole stitch around the ring.

spring challenge w3 dorset button1

Blanket Stitching around the ring

As I worked the buttonhole stitch around to the start again, I held the beginning thread over the exposed ring so it would get caught within the stitches - a cool trick for not having to run it in later!

spring challenge w3 dorset button2

Ring and starting thread covered with Blanket Stitch

Once the entire ring was covered, I pushed the outer seam edge in toward the center of the ring.

spring challenge w3 dorset button3

The outer edge is pushed in toward center

From there I wrapped the thread around the ring eight times, each time moving the wrap 1/8 of the ring from the last. These wraps make the spoked like on a wheel. When doing this you'll see on the front all the spokes cross over near the center but on the back, they are closer to the ring itself so the next step will be pulling all those spokes into the center of the button.

spring challenge w3 dorset button4

Spokes on the right side

By taking stitches within the ring and across the spokes, you can open up the areas between the spokes so it looks like a wheel. A small tug after each stitch helps lock it into the center.

spring challenge w3 dorset button5

Stitches taken in the center to define the
spokes on the back

Once you have your spokes organized, you can start weaving the thread around each of them. I've drawn a diagram to help with the explanation so refer to that below.... pass the needle up through the hole (1) to the left of one spoke, then take it down on the right side of that spoke (2) giving it a gentle pull to make it tight. You then skip the hole you first came up through and come up through the hole to the left of the next spoke (3). Go down on its right (1 again) and back up at (4), down at (3).... continue on in the same fashion right around the wheel.

spring challenge w3 dorset button4a

Weaving the button

spring challenge w3 dorset button6

the front with a few rounds of weaving

spring challenge w3 dorset button7

and the back

Changing color is easy... I threaded up a second needle as I didn't want to end off the red yet. Holding the two ends in my hand I just continued where I left off and as I worked the rounds made sure I covered over the ends so I didn't need to run them in later, simply snip them off.

spring challenge w3 dorset button8

Added some white rounds

I added a few more rounds of red after I finished the white, then ran both threads through the weaving to the center of the button. Now I have threads to attach them to my project.

spring challenge w3 dorset button9

My Dorset button

I can think of so many ways for using these buttons that I may need to dash out and buy myself some bigger rings. Can you think of how you could use them? I'd love to hear. PS: This is one idea, if you'd like to learn of how to create your own fabric embellishments, check out Rose Hughes online workshop called "Fabric-ating Embellishments". So much fun and so much to learn!

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