Spring Challenge - part 4

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For my challenge, I decided to go with the page size using the light background I had auditioned my ideas on. I love this fabric - it creates ideas in itself!

spring challenge w4 background

Background fabric

I began by layering the background with batting and backing, deciding to use a wool batt that I'd been given but was a little thick for my regular work. I found with some good pressing, the bulkiness was reduced a great deal.

Using the thick and thin thread idea all in red, I started to play with the background fabric design.

I used the flower shape in the fabric as a guide to couch on a thin boucle yarn with a dark rayon thread. My machine allows me to do a free-motion zigzag which is ideal for this sort of thing.

spring challenge w4 boucle couched flower

Free-motion couching boucle yarn

The free-motion couching is really easy, just make sure you use the needle down function on your machine if you have it or put the needle down when you want to turn or stop. 

I wanted to add a second flower design but a little smaller so this time I lightly drew a circle to guide me. Can you see it just at the end of the yarn?

spring challenge w4 flower2

Using a light pencil line to form a 2nd circular flower

Next, I free-motioned around the boucle thread to give it more rounded shaped petals, then looking at my collection of threads and cords, I chose a flat bright red cord to couch. This time I used a straight stitch with an open-toed embroidery foot and feed dogs up. In a couple of areas, the needle went into the cord so I obviously didn't quite have the zigzag wide enough. I could have made it really wide to have the cord "float" within the stitches - an idea perhaps for another challenge.

spring challenge w4 straight couching

Free-motion petals and straight couching

spring challenge w4 straight couching finished

Straight couching complete

Adding the cord broke the design into 4 areas, two of which had the flowers and the other two formed the corner sections so I decided to use the matching bright red thread to echo the cord lines in just these two areas.

spring challenge w4 freemotion corners

Free-motion curves in both corner sections

I like the effect it created so this time with a red and white variegated thread, decided to do more curve lines perpendicular to the first. I also added a few wavy lines between the flowers to keep with the 4-section theme.

spring challenge w4 curved crosshatch

Curvy cross-hatch

My Dorset button works well in the center of the flower - I'll have to make another, but for now, I'll hold off from attaching them as I do prefer to add embellishments last so they don't get in the way.

spring challenge w4 flower center

Dorset button auditioned in the center of the smaller flower

Have you created something warm? We're not finished with the challenge yet so be sure to check back next week to see what's coming up next... and feel free to send me any photos of what you've done.

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