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We're on the Move

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We have a lot going on lately.... moving things around.... changes... it's all been going on in the background. If you are signed up with my newsletter, you would have heard a little about it.  We have a brand new website and it is going to include a blog so I'm going to be writing less here and more directly on my website - blog news. If you want to continue getting blog updates please add your email address on this page: Blog only updates

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Christmas BOM - part 1 and part 2

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Last week I talked about fabrics to use for Anita's Christmas quilt and this week, I wanted to follow on with what is in the first two parts of this Block of the Month pattern.

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What's New for Us in September 2021

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Sitting in the pandemic is certainly not new - it seems to be going on and on and on... as is this current lockdown I find myself in. I'm finding it's a matter of juggling things - who knew I'd be good at that! For the last month or more, part of the juggling involved upgrading and updating my website at Arbee Designs. It's launched but still needs a lot more work - even in a few years since the last upgrade the online world has evolved tremendously so there is a lot of images and text that needs work. Even though it doesn't look much different on the front, there is a whole lot of new things going on in the background that you won't see at first glance and it is a whole lot better equipped for mobile devices too. I hope you'll check it out, and please let me know if you find a missing page, there are bound to be some links that have gone awry... Visit Arbee Designs

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Rounding Up the Challenge

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It's been a very busy time in my neck of the woods and yes, we are still in Lockdown even though much of the country has dropped a couple of levels, not here in Auckland though. Even with everything going on, I have managed to (almost) finish my challenge piece!

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