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Yesterday I made the Card Trick block. To make it easy, I used only squares even though the block is made up of many triangles. We had a few units left over. Sooooo....

Spare units

I just had to make a few more blocks cause I like them so much.

My four blocks

Yesterday I made two blocks which were reversed. By cutting just four more black 3" squares and two 3" square of each color, I could make another two.

Here is the cutting to make all four:

Each color fabric (4 required) you need FOUR 3" squares and TWO 3 1/4" squares

For the background fabric you need EIGHT 3" squares and FOUR 3 1/4"

This will make 4 blocks, two are the reverse of the others.

There are a few tips I would like to share with you all.

Yesterday I showed you how easy it is to square up your half square triangle with the Triangle Square-up Ruler. Here is a photo showing how I also used this to square up the HST/QST unit. Notice how the diagonal line is right along the seam line.

the green ruler line is on the seam

I have to admit, I don't particularly like drawing those lines to create my half square triangle so I cheat a little. I eyeball it. I have a blue piece of tape on my machine to use as a guide and since these blocks are going to be squared up, I don't worry about making an accurate 1/4" seam. I make a slightly smaller one. Once trimmed, it doesn't matter.

The point is just less than 1/4" from the blue tape

If you have been following along with me making these different block each week, you will have noticed how few pins I use. I'm not a pin person <grin> If I can avoid pinning I will. The secret to this is piecing where the seams lay opposite to each other so they butt together.

Seam at the front goes toward the left, the back seam toward the right, the seams butt together

The other trick to is it, when possible have the seam on top, pointing toward the foot. It will push up against the other seam underneath and make a perfect match. If it was pointing away from the foot, the foot will push it away from the seam.

So now the question is: What shall I do with these colorful blocks? How about you give me some ideas?

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