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In my selection of free block instructions I have mostly included 4-patch blocks and 9-patch blocks. Today I want to introduce a 5-patch block. This one is called a four-X Star block. I am making a 5" block but will also give cutting instructions for a 10" block as well.

You will need a background fabric and 3 other fabrics. I used a batik in a pink/purple for the star points and black for the connecting square, then a pale pink for my third color and a white on white for my background. Good thing about this block is, I used squares I had left over from another quilt that I'd made some time ago.

Cut out pieces

Just in case you cannot read the writing on the image above, here's what you'll need to cut:

From background fabric cut EIGHT 1 1/2" squares and FOUR 2" squares [for 10" block that will be EIGHT 2 1/2" squares and FOUR 3" squares]

From Star point fabric cut FOUR 2" squares [10" block: FOUR 3" squares]

From Dark fabric (connecting square) cut FOUR 1 1/2" squares [10" block: FOUR 2 1/2" squares]

From Light fabric cut FIVE 1 1/2" squares [10" block: FIVE 2 1/2" squares]

Using the EIGHT 2" [3"] squares (four of background and four of star point fabric) make EIGHT half square triangles. If you are not familiar with making these, check my earlier blog post: Half Square Triangles

Trim your half square triangles for 1 1/2" for the 5" block or 2 1/2" for the 10" block.

Now all your unit pieces will equal 1 1/2" or 2 1/2" depending on the size you make.

I like to lay all my pieces out to make assembly easy. I make less mistakes that way. I lay them out on a ruler so I can easily move them to my machine. Double check the HST units are the correct way around, then sew the units into rows.

Units ready to sew together

I pressed away from the HST units which also meant I was pressing toward the dark connecting units. The arrows in the photo below show the direction I pressed them. This makes it easy to match the seams accurately because they butt together.

Rows sewn - arrows show pressing direction

This is how my block turned out.

Finished 5" four-x star block

Next Monday I will show you another 5-patch block where the assembly construction is a little different. I'll only require two fabrics for this block. What colors do you think I should use?

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  • I like this block and your choice of colours. Why not try two shades of blue for your next block.

    Posted by Dorothy Karman, 27/05/2013 8:57am (8 years ago)

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