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Today is another free block day and I want to carry on with the 5-patch theme. If you remember two weeks ago I presented the first 5-patch block called Four-X Star block and last week I introduced another called Flying Squares which showed how to construct a block using partial seams. This week's block is called Grandmother's puzzle and is definitely for the advanced quilter. 

Actually, because of it's difficulty and the detail required to make this block, I will create it in two parts. Today will be the first part and the second will come tomorrow.

Grandmother's Puzzle Block

Take a look at this block to see how it can be broken into grid lines for construction. Is it possible? Not without making a right angled corner seam or the alternative would be to cut two of the large triangles into smaller sections. The latter being a much quicker and easier method. Sometimes however, we do not wish to make joins where two connecting fabrics are the same. I want to show you how to do this more difficult method.

For Grandmother's Puzzle you will need four fabrics. From the four fabrics you will need to cut the following:



5" finish

10" finish

Background fabric: 



1 7/8" squares

1 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangles

2 7/8" squares

2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles

Main fabric:


2 7/8" squares

4 7/8" squares

Corners fabric:


1 1/2" squares

2 1/2" squares

Center fabric:


1 1/2" square

2 1/2" square

Sections cut

The first thing to be done is to cut the larger squares through the diagonal. That's the background and main fabric squares.

Cut larger squares through diagonal

To ONE rectangle add ONE corner square. Repeat this to make ONE more.

Make two

Next we will make the top left and bottom right corners. You will need ONE corner square, TWO background triangles and ONE main fabric triangle.

Pieces for two corner units

Start by attaching one small triangle to the square. Position the square corners together so raw edges are even and stitch from the square corner along the seam. Notice the triangle tips extend beyond the square. Once sewn, press the triangle into position.

Step 1

Add the section small triangle in the same way, starting from the square end.

Step 2

Your unit will look like this after it is pressed. You can trim the ears off to neaten it.

First part of unit

Next you will add the large triangle. Both these triangles should be the same size.

Triangles should be the same

With right sides together, sew with the pieced triangle on top so you can see where to stitch through the connecting seams.

Triangles joined

Make one more of these, then make a third replacing the corner square for the center square. This is what you should have completed.

Units made so far

That's it for today. I have five units made. Tomorrow we will move on to the second part which is a little more tricky. See you then!

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