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I made three blocks today instead of the usual one. They are Churn Dash, Grecian Square and Greek Cross.

Why did I make three? Because I wanted to show you how the same block can become a different block by just changing the fabrics around. The construction is exactly the same in each block. 

First let's take a look at the units for each block. There are three different units. All units are the same size. That is 2 1/2" (6" finished block) or 3 1/2" (9" finished block) or 4 1/2" (12" finished block).


1:  Strip Pieced Unit (left). Four of these are required per block therefore TWO strips, one in each color are required. For your 6" block these you need 1 1/2" strips by 11" long (this includes a little straightening room too). A 9" block needs 2" strips by 15" long and a 12" block needs 2 1/2" strips by 19" long.

2: Half Square Triangle (HST) (middle). Four of these are required per block therefore FOUR squares are needed, two of each color. 6" block requires 3" squares, 9" block: 4" squares and 12" block: 5" squares.

3: The center square (right). There is no piecing for this. It is just a square cut to size. One required per block. 2 1/2" for 6" block, 3 1/2" for 9" block and 4 1/2" for 12" block.

Churn Dash (which is also known by the name of Double Monkey Wreach) is the most common of the three blocks. It only uses two different fabrics. Both the others use three fabrics.

Here are my pieces cut for all three blocks.

Pieced cut for all blocks. Churn Dash squares are on left, Grecian Square squares in middle and Greek Cross squares on right.

I have made the Strip Pieced Unit from the same two fabrics for all three blocks (shown at top of photo above) so I could cut just one strip of each fabric and strip piece it together.

Strip pieced units being made for the 6" block

Let's take a look and see how the blocks differ. I have made all the units for the blocks and set them out ready to join. First take a look at Churn Dash.

Churn Dash units

Then compare it to Grecian Square.

Grecian Square units

The only difference between the two is that the center square has changed from the light fabric in Churn Dash to the third fabric in Grecian Square and the Strip Pieced Units have been turned so the light fabric is in toward the center. Yet it looks really different don't you think?

Now let's compare Churn Dash with Greek Cross.

Greek Cross units

This time the Strip Pieced Units have stayed they same as Churn Dash however the darker of the two fabrics is used in the center square instead of the light fabric. The HST has been turned so the light triangle is inward and the other triangle has been swapped for the third fabric. Again, the block looks quite different.

Here's what all three look like side by side once they are pieced.

Churn Dash (left), Grecian Square (middle), Greek Cross (right)

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