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Posted by Ruth on 10 September 2014 | 0 Comments


stained glass roseI was just looking back at when I added a jigsaw to my blog - like it was the beginning of the year! The blog challenge of 2013 was over and I posted that I would be catching up on things that had been neglected while keeping up with the challenge. I can now say that my new CMS is installed for my blog (one of the things I was catching up on). You may have noticed some weird goings on, but hopefully none other than a little cosmetics. In any case, if you do have a favorite page and it doesn't appear as it should, be sure to let me know.

Some of the pages I had to pay special attention to were those that had jigsaw puzzles on. I've now added in some special code to make this easier to do and hence the reason I have decided to post another jigsaw today - it needs to be tested after all.

This is officially my first blog post in the new system! So far I'm liking it.

Today I decided to use my quilt "Scarlet Rose" which is a pattern and also a class that starts this coming weekend. If you want to check it out you can find the pattern here "Stained Glass Rose" pattern or join me in this fun class at the Academy of Quilting here: Scarlet Rose online class.


PS: feel free to share this jigsaw with your friend. You might want to see who can make it the fastest.

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