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Posted by Ruth on 4 December 2013 | 0 Comments
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I was out shopping and bought some cookie cutters for a project I wanted to make - no not cookies believe it or not - when I decided that these cookie cutters would make really cool quilting designs. There were six cutters in the pack, but I decided just to make one into a design.

Cookie Cutters

I didn't use the star because that's quite a common design, instead I used the bell shape. I had a spare block and thought it would look good meandered with bells every so often. I thought a pair of bells might look best.

twin bells with meandering

These I made a little smaller. I'm not sure they were any easier. I didn't use a template, just eye-balled them. 

small bells

And then I changed my thread color to red because red is Christmas and it is easier to see the design :)

red thread for Christmas bells

I could use any one of the designs. The gingerbread man would be really cool I think. Maybe next week.

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