Machine Quilting Day 10

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The most obvious place to look for a quilting design is probably in the fabric you are using to make your quilt. This is especially so if using a floral or print, but you can also find design ideas in batiks and other fabrics.

Today's photo is a Hoffman fabric batik. It's a large pattern and ideal to get a cool quilting design from.

Hoffman Fabric

If you are using this fabric in large pieces, you can simply quilt around the design on the fabric.

Quilting around the design

Or you can use it to quilt a free-form design in a block or background area that needs filling.

Use the printed design to create a quilting design

Another idea is to just use the idea instead of the actual design and create your own design as I have in the photo below. I kept with the curves, stitching the inner and outer lines but only made four petals and smoother curves to simply it all.

Simplify the design to create your own motif

I used this same idea on a quilt I made many years ago called Cherry Blossoms. The main focus fabric was a cherry print which included cherries, leaves and blossoms. I used the idea to create my own leaf and blossom design.

Cherry Blossoms quilting

"Cherry Blossoms" the quilt

Have you used fabric to come up with a quilt design before?

More about Cherry Blossoms: I used the colors in the cherry fabric for the rest of this bargello quilt. It's a little different from the standard bargello as it is made in quarters. Each quarter is rotated to create the design. I wrote this as a quilt pattern as well as an online class and both have been very popular.

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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