Machine Quilting Day 11

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My machine quilting photo today is palm trees. How could you use this as a quilting design? Maybe a border design? Perhaps a fill-in design?

Palm Trees

I did a warm up as I always do when starting free-motion quilting. I find this quite important as my first stitches are never as well formed as they should be. I don't take a lot of time for this, mainly because I'm too keen to get on with the job. Thus being the case today.

I practiced on a scrap sandwich that happened to be pieced and liked what I saw when I quilted over the two strips.

Border design

I made the palm trees simple, a trunk with three ferns on each side and one at center top. I also added a wavy line along the bottom to connect each tree rather than stopping and starting. A curvy line always looks better than attempting a straight line with free-motion. I don't care how good you are, you'll never get it perfectly straight without straight stitch quilting, thus a wavy line looks better than a straight line gone wrong.

I used a variegated thread to add extra interest. I looks like the palms are emerging out of the water. Maybe I could have added a fish in between! What a great beach scene.

How about a fill-in stitch. Do you think this could work? Yes for sure but we need to lose the trunk. This time I only made 2 ferns on each side with one central fern at the top. The last fern stitched became the stem of the next palm. You can see it better in the photo.

Fill-in stitch which could also be used for an overall design

This was fun to make and could also be used as an overall design or a border design as well as a fill-in design. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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