Machine Quilting Day 13

Posted by Ruth on 27 March 2013 | 0 Comments
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Today's inspiration photo is something you most likely see a lot - floor tiles. These kitchen floor tiles are various sizes so make for an interesting design.

Floor Tiles

I made three samples. The first one was a sample using free-motion quilting.

Free-motion squares

It is definitely easy to manauver around and go from side to side, backward and forth using free-motion, however the lines are not always perfectly straight. I think it would help if I had started off with an outlined box to keep the whole area square.

For my next sample I used the walking foot and straight stitching.

Straight quilting squares

The lines were much straighter but because I had to stop and pivot all the time, I made the boxes larger. This could make an interesting overall design on a geometic style quilt using really large boxes.

For my third sample, I went back to free-motion which is what I prefer. This time I made the boxes with rounded corners.

Free-motion squares with rounded corners

I like this a lot. It is similar to pebbles but has more formation. It would make a great fill-in design.

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