Machine Quilting Day 17

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As I was out walking today I noticed this rather interesting design along the edge of a building. Fortunately I had my camera with me. I did have to stand at a distance - across the road - from the building to get the photo but luckily I still managed to get a decent photo to work from.

For my first attempt I just tried looking at the photo and then making the design. I found it easier to work between two parallel lines so I could get the flow of it. My first line never works well and I use it more as a warmup practice. My next two rows were much better.

I realized I needed to concentrate on three elements in the design. I've pointed these out in the photo below.

1: the red line which I call the baseline needs to be as straight as possible. I started out with about a 45 degree angle which was too steep. Approximately 30 degrees works best. I didn't measure it, but that will give you an idea of what works best.

2: this is about halfway down the baseline to where I start the first loop. It curls up to the top and around but does not connect. You need to travel back down and around this and just passed the beginning of the curl to ensure the baseline stays straight.

3: the second curl starts at the bottom and should be about level with the small curl at the top. They should both hit the red line in the image. This larger curl just touches the back of the small curl and then goes back over itself to the top. As it starts its way down, it turns into the baseline for the next design.

Once I had all the elements in place it was easier to make the design. I then applied it to a border edge which looks rather nice I think.

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