Machine Quilting Day 21

Posted by Ruth on 22 May 2013 | 0 Comments
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Today's quilting inspirational photo is of a seed pod I saw hanging in a tree. I thought this could make an interesting design.

Seed pod

I wanted to use it as a fill-in stitch so started along the idea of grouping seed pods side by side. It wasn't really the look I was wanting to achieve.

quilted seed pods side by side for fill-in stitching

I then tried changing it a little and positioning them end to end. This made it easy to turn corners. I also changed to an oval shape in the pods to make it appear a little more like seeds.

quilted seed pods end to end.

This was better but I wondered where I could possibly use a design like this. My thought was to use it along a border edge. I liked this best so far.

quilted seed pods grouped at a seam line

I decided that this was not exactly what I wanted either so opened up the design to create something quite different than a seed pod, but with using the same concept.

I opened up the seed pods to make a continuous design

Now this design is something I could use. It could be quite decorative too. This would look really good along a border or sashing. The variegated thread gave it even more interest.

I wondered what it would look like in a circular design. I used the same concept as above.

Now a circular design using the same concept as above

Here is a close up shot.

Close up of circular design

You could use any shape you like - box like or square, trianglur, wavy lines. Almost anything could work. That was really fun in the end. I didn't like how I started out, but it evolved into something a lot more creative. Compare the original photo to the finished stitching. What do you think?



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