Machine Quilting Day 30

Posted by Ruth on 24 July 2013 | 0 Comments


I love the design in paua shells. Paua is the Maori name given to a species of large edible sea molluscs, otherwise known as Abalone. The photo I am using today is not actually a paua shell but a garden ornament that represents a paua shell.

I started the design by stitching in the main shapes - the three small circles, the larger blue area and the outer aqua area. I also echoed the aqua area a couple of times.

To add further interest, I echoed the inner circle too and added two more lines within it.

Now I decided to hatch down the large unquilted area with tiny one-way hatching.

I could have continued on but decided it is getting too much detail, which would be ok for an art quilt. Instead I decided to simplify the design more suited toward a regular quilt. I made a very simple design and repeated it.

That kind of reminded me of bear footprints, so I thought why not try something a little different - funky feet prints.

It is amazing where one thought will lead to another.

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