Machine Quilting Day 31

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I love the morning glory shape and design it forms so I thought this would make a great quilting design.

This week's photo

What I like about it is that it is a simple shape with design lines inside.

Simple quilting design

I started with an outside circle shape, not completely round which is easier to free-motion when it is not a perfect circle, and then I travelled into the center for a second smaller circle. This are shown in red in the following photo.

Red shows the first stitching

Once the center circle is complete, don't cut the thread, but continue to move around the circle, branching out every so often to the outer circle. I travel a short distance around the circumference before coming back into the center. This is continued all the way around the inside.

Continued in blue

I went on to make several in a row. These make a great design.

three in a row

You could do similar in any shape you liked. Try it.

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