Machine Quilting Day 35

Posted by Ruth on 28 August 2013 | 0 Comments
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Another Wednesday of quilting, 36 weeks in a row in fact. My photo this week is sea foam. This photo was taken while traveling on the interislander between the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

I have stitched sea foam before using different threads to create texture as you can see in this small art quilt called Rugged West Coast.

Rugged West Coast

But today I am using regular quilting thread.

I started out by making a curved outline simulating the shape of the foam in the photo.

Then I added an outline shape through from one side to the other to divide the area up.

I added a few more of these outline shapes.

Then, using a tiny stipple, I began to fill in the areas outside the outlined shapes.

Usually I would use a silky or fine thread when stitching so small but this time I wanted a heavier look so used an embroidery thread.

To finish off I echoed a double white line within the shapes.

This is a little hard to see so here is a closeup.

I really like doing small stipple as I have here, the only problem is, it takes a long time to cover a small area.

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