Machine Quilting Day 39

Posted by Ruth on 25 September 2013 | 0 Comments


Sweet! I'm up to 39 days of quilting. That means I have quilted each week for 39 weeks in a row, just 13 days left to complete an entire year of quilting weekly. What fun. Talking about sweets, my favorite sweet (or candy as known in America) are hard boiled sweets. I am particularly found of Coffee Werthers.

Coffee Werthers

As I was about ready to eat one I realized that this could make an interesting quilt design especially for festive times. I gave my design a little more shape than the picture shows. You can make a single motif...

single motif


....or turn it into a border design.

border design


I stitched along the bottom first and then back along the top. This is the best way to make a continuous border with no stopping and starting. My design wasn't that even which is fine if that's the sort of thing you want or you could straighten it up by drawing a central line to use as a guide. You could also use masking tape as a guide.

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