My Poinsettia Block is Free this month

Posted by Ruth on 11 July 2014 | 0 Comments
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New my readers wouldn't want to miss out on this so figured I should post our latest newsletter here

Fabulous Give-away with

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Starting July 9th


Here is the free flower block of the month with purchase of any hardcopy pattern. Buy any hardcopy pattern on sale or regular price and receive a free download of our latest floral block of the month. It's simple!..... send in your paid order for a hardcopy pattern and receive a code to download the floral block of month, free of charge.

In time for your Christmas project we are offering Ruth Blanchet's favorite creation, the "Poinsettia".

Get it free as a download with your purchase


Specials of the Month

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Glorious Morning


Star Struck Hearts


Array of Color


Star Crossed


Happy Quilting!

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