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Posted by Ruth on 24 March 2013 | 2 Comments
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27 years ago today I remember as if it was yesterday. I woke about 1:30am. It was time to get up and drive the hour and half to the hospital. Some short hours later my youngest daughter was born and she sure let the world know she was alive. 

Emma was a go getter from day 1, well being an Aries it doesn't surprise me. When she puts her mind to something, she goes for it, no mucking around. She loved her soccer and played it for many years even though her closest friends didn't.

Emma's at the front

She loved dressing up for parties too.

Emma in her bunny suit

Another thing she loved to do was dance. All through her school years she was in the front line as she learned the steps quickly and others like to be behind her so they could follow. At high-school she joined the smoke-free challenge for several years. This is a dance performance, a challenge between high-schools. We even got to see her on TV when it was broadcast.

Dressed up for the Smoke-free Challenge

Emma also enjoys sewing. With my help she made her first ball dress which she designed herself.

Emma's first ball dress

When I first started talking of making a trip to the States, Emma thought she might stow away in my suitcase...

Stowing away

...but before she could stow away, she met her husband-to-be Chris, American born and now a New Zealand citizen. As it happened, they were able to make a trip to America together which had to be more fun than being stuck in the suitcase.

Chris graduated in Christchurch, if my memory serves me right, in 2006.

Chris's Graduation

Later that same year, they both moved to Auckland to live.

In September 2010, just after Christchurch's 7.1 earthquake (which Emma happened to experience as we were both busily making the dresses), Chris and Emma were married.

Emma the bride

It was a wonderful day except for the rain. It didn't just rain, it poured. Being an outside wedding the ground was so wet that our high heels sunk into the ground which made it really difficult to walk and at times it rained so hard that even the ducks were running for shelter.

Ducks trying to escape the rain

I have a lot of fond memories of Emma growing up. One I will always remember is the delivery of a huge bouquet of flowers on mother's day. She had entered a competition on the radio for why she thought her mother deserved the wonderful bouquet and had won.

Another as we were travelling through the Lewis Pass to Christchurch from Nelson. I wonder who that snowball is aimed at?

Poised to drop the camera and run! Luckily that snowball was too big to throw far.

But I think the best memory of all is the beautiful little granddaughter she gave me. Amy was born 27th December 2011  and is now 15 months old.

My precious little granddaughter Amy

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  • What a lovely read, Ruth!

    Posted by Elaine, 26/03/2013 8:48am (9 years ago)

  • You are such a great mother and grandmother. What a great memory to read on ones birthday! Happy birthday Emma.

    Posted by Stephanie, 25/03/2013 7:59am (9 years ago)

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