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A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo that I shot from the Port Hills near Christchurch. I used it as quilting inspiration then and said there was a bit more of a story that belongs to it. I figured I should enlighten you.

The photo was taken in 2006, two days before my daughter's wedding. I was having a very busy week with attending school on a full time basis and making dresses, capes and a jacket for the wedding. Earlier in the week I would not have thought I'd be standing on the top of the hill side wanting to jump off .... although you could probably think why not with such a workload. It's not what you think....

As it happened our class group was offered the chance to go paragliding. Something I'd always wanted to do - well maybe not always but for a while so I 'jumped' at the opportunity. (Yes I did warn my daughter that I might not make the wedding).

In our group of mostly males, I decided I wanted to be the first female to jump - oh about here, I should say, this wasn't a solo jump, it was a tandem jump with the instructor.

So here I am, waiting for just the right moment for the wind to pick up before the run and jump. Waiting, waiting, waiting.... nerves pumping, adrenalin racing.... now go, run as fast as you can down hill, through clumps of tussock, hollows, bumps - and sheep droppings even - don't look down just straight ahead.... Oh no, my foot twisted on a large tussock grass and down I went, instructor and parachute landing on top of me. Do you know how difficult it is to get up from that position? All I could do was laugh. I heard the others calling "are you ok?". My answer, after the hysterics had died down a little, was "Sure, let's try it the right way this time". It must have been funny to watch and I was labeled clown of the day - of the week - ok, of the class. But I wasn't going to miss the real thing so up we got, with help, and headed back up the hill. 

Here we go again. Now I had the added nervousness of "hope I don't do that again". Run, run, run, and next thing I knew, I was airborne. My legs dangling in the air thousands of feet above the ground  .... and to think a few years back I was afraid of heights!

I have never experience anything quite like it. Totally awesome.

I had my camera in my hand just taking shots of anything because I was just too much in awe. 

See that little speck in the green field below - that's one of my classmates watching our descent. Hi Tom!

My only disappointment was, it was over way too soon, but oh, what a blast that was.

By the way, I put the last few stitches in my dress for the wedding at 2am the morning of the wedding.

My camera took videos too....

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  • Ok....not only do you inspire me with you talents, in your creativity....now i am in awe of you. 2 days before your daughter's wedding? My daughters would have hogged tied me to their sides or dis-owned me! LOL one word...WOW

    Posted by Stephanie, 21/01/2013 8:46am (9 years ago)

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