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I really wanted to get to some sewing today but here is it late afternoon and I still haven't started. I guess there is still time! One thing I did do was organize myself - well somewhat. I was also playing with my new Android and Evernote. My droid is a lot of fun especially when you get the right apps. I think Evernote might be one.

My Android - a 9.7" Internet tablet

My Android with Evernote loaded

So below is a photo of what my desk looks like - on a good day. It's usually much more cluttered than that, but you had to be able to see what I was talking about so I couldn't have too much clutter. I have lots of lists on paper, notes, scribbles, reminders and postit notes pretty much stuck to anything stickable. 

Lists and postit notes

I decided perhaps it would be a good thing to put all my notes and postits into Evernote. But I got playing instead and found some cool little tools like Skitch which is an addon. It allows you to draw over images to highlight anything you want to stand out. You can also draw arrows and write words.

Using Evernote

I decided to use it to get an image ready for tomorrow's blog post.

Tomorrow's blog post image

I also found that evernote can take audio notes (that's if it could understand my accent - apparently I have one). This is done through Google speech-to-text. After playing around a little, I found a setting for English New Zealand. It now understands me a little better, although I need lots of practice. This could be very helpful once we get the translation issue sorted. It can however be quite humorous! 

When I said "Hello. Today I am going to teach you quilting" it typed "How are you. I'm going to get back Wilson" 

The second attempt was much better. I said "What would you like to learn today. Question mark" and it wrote "What would you like to learn today?".

Perfect! I won't tell you what it typed when I said "Are you ever going to understand me?". I'll leave that to your imagination.

So not a lot of organizing was done today and no sewing either. Perhaps you can help me out. Do you have lots of lists and notes sitting around or are you more organized that me? How do you organize your desk or sewing space? 

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