Recap on the First Quarter

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I cannot believe the first quarter of the year has come and gone. So far the challenge of blogging every day has been met although I have to admit, some days it has been pretty tough getting myself to do it. Usually on a busy day and it's 9pm when I just getting started!

How do I keep myself on track? I have a diary sitting next to my computer and every weekend I write down the titles of my blog posts for the coming week. I don't always do what I have written down, but at least it is a thought to start on and if I come up with something else in the meantime, then I erase it, write in the new idea and push the old idea out to the next week. Sometimes an idea will give me 3 or 4 posts of ideas, hence I write them down right away before I forget. By the way, this is how I keep track of the days too. Number 90 today! (I'll let you into a little secret, it's actually the longest I've ever kept a diary)

So let's take a quick look back at some of the things I've covered over then last quarter.

Probably my most popular is my flower blocks. Friday Flower Block posts >> 
Every Friday I add a new flower to the list. The first was a pansy and as I was making it, I came up with the idea that these flowers should be available as a download. A good idea as I've had sales with every different block thus far. A lot of extra work however, but I have to admit I really do enjoy making each and every one.


Another weekly blog post is "Quilting by Photo Inspiration". I have really enjoyed this challenge as it gets me thinking outside the box so to speak. It also gave me new ideas to present to my Quilting Students. I often do more than you see presented on my blog each week and have used this to expand my class to 6 lessons (originally it was just 2 with a prep lesson to start) and I have promised my students to continue adding more videos and designs each session it is run. I have a lot of fun with this and I'm sure my students are benefiting greatly.

Every Monday I present a block with instructions in various sizes. I'm not a patchwork quilter, I'm more into applique and art quilt quilter, but I am rather enjoying the different blocks I've been making. I really should have thought a bit more on color when making these blocks so that they will fit together into a quilt at the end of the year, but instead I used scraps of fabric in different colors. I thought this was more benefical to my readers as each block is fresh. It also gets me using colors I don't normally use. At the moment, I'm a little stuck on green and orange. I never knew it looked so good! You can see all my free quilt patterns here >>

Those three categories take up Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts. Sometimes one will flow over into the next day, but if not, there are four more days to fill in the week. I have plenty to write about as these are easily filled up with pattern reviews or help and suggestions, class presentations and photos showing off my student's work. I throw in a few personal blogs as well, along with digital jigsaws, recipes and other fun things.

For me, it's not just a matter of writing. There is a lot more involved. Every post has at least one photo and those with instructions have many more. At least three posts (my three weekly ones) have sewing involved too and Friday's also includes making files, templates, webpages and kits. 

So to sum up, I guess I could be quite proud of myself for getting this far into the challenge. I do look forward to the many more post I'll be writing in the next three quarters. Of course, I'm always open for other ideas I can present to my readers. Maybe you'll list a few in the comments below.


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