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Posted by Ruth on 9 August 2016 | 3 Comments
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I'm sure you have all been wondering where on earth I disappear to with so few blog posts written in the last couple of weeks. I've been doing a spot of traveling in between moving. After tidying up some business in Anaheim, I took a road trip up to Lincoln, CA with my good friend Sue. Although there wasn't a lot to look at along the ride in the 107 F degree heat (41.66 C), there were definite highlights. I found the windmills on the hills fascinating to look at.

traveling thru desert - windmills in California

Windmills traveling up California

Note: my photos are not that great as my camera batteries were low so I used a small cell phone I'd purchased for the trip.

It was fun to see Sue's new house and community once we arrived after a long car ride. During the next few days, we did manage a little sightseeing and even a little sewing! We visited one quaint little city in the mountains, Nevada City. It reminded me of the old days out west I'd seen in the movies.

nevada city California

Nevada City, California

Of course, we did do a spot of shopping before leaving, although I resisted visiting any quilt shops as my bags were overfull already. The time went all too fast and soon we were heading off toward San Francisco to catch the flight home to New Zealand. We did spend some wonderful hours in San Francisco though which was delightful. 

We went in over the Bay Bridge which looks even larger in person than in the photos.

San Francisco Bay Bridge

San Francisco Bay Bridge

San Francisco Bay Bridge

That's pretty high up there.... can you see that worker midway along?

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Wow those skyrises!

San Francisco Bay Bridge

And a shot from the San Francisco side

Our first stop was for lunch in a wonderful restaurant looking out over the bay and a perfect view of Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island from the restaurant window

After a wonderful meal of clam chowder in a sourdough bowl we walked around for some time. The entertainers on the streets were pretty amazing and funny. The piers were long and crowded, not to mention cold with a sea breeze (or should I say, howling wind) hitting us. Cold enough to give me goose bumps! I did manage to see a glimpse of the Golden Gate through the fog as it was rolling in, however the photo I took didn't show it at all. I'll have to hold that memory in my mind until the next visit.

Once we had walked off our delicious lunch, we went for a little sightseeing tour in the car and ended up at twin peaks high up on the hills overlooking the city. It was an amazing view although a little hazy as the fog was really beginning to roll in. It wouldn't have been too long before we would have been surrounding in fog with no view at all!

san francisco twin peaks

View from Twin Peaks through the haze

One last stop on the way to the airport was to have an afternoon ice cream treat. Thanks Sue, for a wonderful time!

It was a long flight home to Auckland where I'm currently staying with my daughter as I look for a new home in the area to move into. At least the weather wasn't too bad on arrival, I only had to adjust to a small drop in temperature. I was expecting it to be much colder.

So now with my travels out of the way, I'm organizing myself to get settled back into writing a new class and take up with my Stitch Along Challenges once again. Look for those to begin September. Maybe the first challenge will be based around one of these photos, what do you think? Which photo would you like to use for the challenge?

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  • It was fun for me too. Got to play tourist for a while. Loved having you and Hamish visit. I am back to my regular routine, and trying to get caught up on quilting. Hugs

    Posted by Sue, 10/08/2016 3:24pm (6 years ago)

  • Enjoyed your travel journal. Glad you visited. The windmill picture reminded me of the one you helped me complete for a Batiks,etc. challenge at NQA. Best wishes in finding a new home and strength for the move. :)

    Posted by Barbara Frpjme, 10/08/2016 9:23am (6 years ago)

  • Oh! You just visited my old stomping grounds! I used to live south of San Francisco. (Now I live in Washington state.) I loved Nevada city! I visited twice. It is such a quaint little Mountain town!

    Posted by Claudia W, 09/08/2016 8:09pm (6 years ago)

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