A Walk Down Memory Lane

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It's autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, fast moving into winter but not without me capturing a couple of photos of Liquid Amber Maple leaves turning into a beautiful sight.

Liquid Amber Maples in autumn

Liquid Amber Maples in autumn

Autumn always reminds me of my quilt "A Day in the Country". When I made this originally, I was a country gal, but that was many years ago now. The quilt, however, has many a story to tell, not only does it bring back memories of my childhood and living on the farm, but also more recent years while traveling and teaching in the States.

A day in the country quilt by Ruth Blanchet

One in particular story goes as I was traveling from Orange County to Eureka in California. Traveling on your own in a huge country compared to what you're used to can be daunting, but when your flight is canceled midway to your designation, can you imagine my feeling? Fog in the Northern California city where I was to land canceled my flight along with several others that afternoon, but finally, for the last flight of the evening (around 10pm) we took off ......only to circle three times around our designation before returning to San Francisco and spending the night there.... in the airport - I had nowhere else to go by that time! Several of us "traveling alone" females, grouped together and luckily for me, I had my quilt "A Day in the Country" as it sure was cold in the airport that night. One lady even wrapped her legs in newspaper. Fortunately for me, I had my quilt, unfortunately for others, I didn't have enough large quilts to go around - all the rest were small art quilts. I do have to end, after a delayed appearance and a temporary loss of my luggage, I had a fantastic weekend of lecturing and teaching at Scotty Dogs Quilt Shop in Eureka.

Today, however, I think I'll take that walk back down memory lane to my childhood and farming days which is what my quilt really represents with all the country animals. I remember as kids, my brothers always had calves to take to the local shows... and collecting acorns from under the old oak tree.

calf, oat tree and owl - a block in A Day In the Country quilt

We had lambs who had lost their mothers to feed...

sheep block - a block in A Day In the Country quilt

....And the rooster never failed to wake us early in the morning - probably why I still get up at 5am even today! 

rooster block - a block in A Day In the Country quilt

(On a side note.... even this rooster reminds me of a very recent memory, just a few months ago on my daughter's farm.... I can hear her chuckling now as she thinks about it.... the rooster who had supposedly died was up crowing the next morning from the pig pen!)

One of the good things about this quilt though, aside from all the stories I can tell, I also have a great time helping my students (yes, this is one of my online workshops) in adding their own special block... a favorite cat or dog or other pet, to create their very own memory and enhance the fun in making it. 

This one is a little mini I made with a few of the blocks which is another option in the workshop together with several other small projects such as totes, baby bibs and the likes.

crib quilt made from some of the blocks in A Day In the Country

.....So if you'd like to take a walk with me down memory lane, how about joining me in my workshop. I've decided to offer you an autumn discount just because this quilt brings so many smiles to my face every time I take that walk.

About A Day in the Country Workshop: In this online quilt class you begin by making the easiest block, the heart block. This is the first of 20 different blocks. During each lesson, you will make several blocks, or even add some of your own! A favorite pet or animal. The color selection is left up to the individual student, but Ruth is always available to help when required. There are many different techniques to learn including Blanket Stitch Applique, Dimensional Applique, Foundation Piecing, Machine Embroidery, and Quilting, along with basic piecing, setting-in blocks and adding borders.  Read more...

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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