Adding Text on Your Quilt

Posted by Shirley Goodwin on 20 April 2017 | 0 Comments


Shirley's Christmas quilt made in EQ7

There are times we want to add text to our quilts and EQ7 can help us get an idea of where to put it and what to add. Here is an excerpt from my "EQ7 - the next step" online workshop:

"Now let us look at something quite different - adding text (words) to our quilts. We can do this with any kind of layout. I will create a small wall quilt that has appliqué and text. First, I will decide on a layout. I think a vertical strip layout will be best for this project, so I select this. I decide to have just 2 panels. The first is 15 x 20 inches; the second is 10 x 20 inches. Because it is nearly Christmas as I am writing this, I decide to have a seasonal theme.  Here is the end result - this class shows you how to achieve this or any other combination of appliqué and words that you choose”

.... Shirley Goodwin

Here's a short slideshow of some of the other quilts Shirley made using EQ7:


About EQ7 - the next step Workshop: Now that you have a working knowledge of EQ7, let Shirley show you how to fully utilize the powerful drawing tools to create complex pieced and appliqué blocks, motifs and stencils. You will learn how to edit, resize, rotate, clone, partition and flip your designs. Shirley will also show you how to create quilt designs that combine both pieced and appliqué blocks and you will learn how to experiment with EQ7‘s wide range of printing options, design custom layouts and work with the exciting new Serendipity feature. This workshop follows on from EQ7 Beginners’ Patchwork, and is the second in the EQ series. It is recommended that you have completed the Beginners’ workshop before undertaking this one. By the end of this class, you should feel confident to make any type of pieced or appliqué block, and be comfortable with all the drawing and printing tools. Read more...


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