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Perspective is an important aspect of pictorial quilts whether they are a landscape or still life and geometric quilts. The use of various forms of perspective can enhance the depth of the image making it more dramatic and creates the illusion of being three dimensional.

Across the Columbia by Anita Eaton - Perspective in Quilting

Atmospheric perspective can be employed using greyed tones and changing values. The understanding of 1, 2, and 3 point perspective lessons will help with rendering architectural forms and buildings in your quilts or wall hangings.

It is also fun to explore geometric perspective to create the sense of dimension in patterned quilts like tumbling blocks or stars. Various versions of Tumbling Blocks can become quite complex.

Tumbling blocks circle


If you want to learn about how you can create perspective in your quilts, then join Anita Eaton in her fabulous online workshop "Perspective in Quilting".

About Perspective In Quilting online workshop: Perspective in Quilting is a four-lesson workshop exploring the various forms of perspective for use in art quilts from realistic to abstract images. Use of texture, color, line, and optical illusions to create depth in the quilt is the main feature of the class which also includes some options for displaying the final art quilt. One on one help from the instructor to design your own original quilt will be available throughout the class sessions. Read more...


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