Beautiful Hawaiian Quilts are easy to make

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Hawaiian quilts are so beautiful! ... and so very easy to make, once you know all of the individual steps. It's like an exciting sewing journey!

In Hawaiian Quilting 101, I'll be your guide; so you not only learn the individual steps, but also get to ask questions and have discussions with me, and the others along the way!

Here are just a few examples of the beautiful photos so you know exactly what to do at each step along the way. (By the way, once you learn how to do (and enjoy) needleturn applique, you can make any type of applique quilt you can imagine.)

The individual steps for opening up and placement of your cut applique fabric.

Hawaiian Quilting 101 - fabric placement

Both right-hand and left-hand photos of the needleturn process. This is one of the photos for making pointy-points.

Hawaiian Quilting 101 - right hand needleturn Hawaiian Quilting 101 - left hand needleturn

Learn how to draw the evenly-spaced echo quilting rows that you will add to your Hawaiian quilt.

Hawaiian Quilting 101 - echo quilting

And here is a video of work from some of our previous students...


You can do this too! If you want to engage in this exciting journey with me, you can find the details below.

 About Hawaiian Quilting 101: Hawaiian quilts are visually striking because of their sophistication, symmetry, and strong contrasting colors. They look difficult to make and yet are surprisingly easy. Nancy shows you each stress-free step, as you create this 20" breadfruit block. Traditionally it is believed that if your first quilt is a breadfruit, you will be certain to make many more quilts, and we want you to get off to a great start! This is an ideal way to learn the needleturn appliqué method. No previous appliqué experience is necessary. Read more...

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