Ever Thought of Fussy Cutting a Block Center?

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Anita Eaton’s “Entwined Star” pattern is a variation on a “Twin Star” although Anita says that she actually started the star by experimenting with variations of nine patch stars rather than beginning with the “Twin Star”. Drawing a nine patch blocks on graph paper she arranged and rearranged line and color values until she came up with the “Entwined Star” variations. She says that she enjoys that method along with using EQ to do her designs.

One thing Anita says that she particularly enjoys is the way the colors can create the illusion of being woven over and under each other in the “Entwined Star.”

Another option for the block is to use a fussy cut center as shown in these Christmas themed blocks.

Fussy Cut Centers
ES fussy cutting1 ES fussy cutting2

Since the block is a bit complex and has a number of bias edges Anita offers an on-demand class with tips, templates, and she is available to answer questions. There are a number of variations of the star illustrated in the class as well as border options for the quilt.

About Entwined Star Online Workshop: This beautiful starry quilt is truly patchwork when made as a scrappy quilt. Mix and match your colors for that old-fashioned patchwork look or use a three fabric combination (light, medium, and dark) for a more modern day appearance.Anita helps you with fabric selection, which fabrics work well and which fabrics you are better to leave in your stash for another project. She shows you how you can make this project without the need of purchasing a special ruler and she guides you through the process, step by step. Read more...


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