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Have you ever forgotten to attend a class you registered for at a quilt shop? Or struggled to pack up your machine, find all the tools you might need and get yourself and all the 'stuff' to a class? Most of us have....  Daphne shares her story on her blog for you to read later this week so be sure to check it out. 

But did you know, that Daphne has the answer to this problem? Yes, she teaches online through our online school "Academy of Quilting" and most of her classes are On Demand. That means you can start anytime that works for you. All the classes have several lessons but you don't need to wait a week or more between lessons. Work at your own pace, fit it into YOUR schedule.

One of these classes is Ripless Paper Piecing. This has been one of her most popular online (and in-person) workshops for the past few years. With her 'RIPLESS' method, there is no adjustment to make for sewing and the preparation step doesn't take as much time, unlike regular foundation piecing. But the real saving is what happens after you sew your block!  You save both TIME and PAPER because there is no need to rip the paper from the back of your block and throw it away.

Intrigued? The class project is not large (or can be if you want it to be) and you can probably pull all the fabrics from your stash and as a bonus, this workshop talks a lot about how 'value choices' are so important when you choose fabrics for your quilts. I think this is a section you will refer to over and over as you continue your quilting journey. 

Play the video to see what some previous students created in this class:


So....remember, this class is ON DEMAND - you can start today, or tomorrow, or next week... and you can fit the 3 lessons into YOUR schedule

Hope to see you in the classroom!

About Ripless Paper Piecing:  This small project will pay big dividends. Daphne will show you how to foundation piece without sewing through the paper. Using this easy method, you will have perfect points without spending hours removing tiny scraps of paper with tweezers. You will also save time and thread by being able to sew with a regular stitch length. Read more...

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