How Barbara Began Making Victorian Sewing Boxes

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Barbara Dieges' Victorian Box 001I had nothing to do one day, so I spent it at the Pasadena (CA) Library. They have an awesome section, or did at the time, of old magazines. When I am talking old, I am being literal. This padded hexagonal box was illustrated in an 1867 Godey’s Lady’s Book; which was a lady's magazine of that day. There was no pattern, so I used the illustration to make my own. The pictures all show lace, but if you don't like lace and ruffles, you can just use cording. Cording is used on three of the lids, so the lace can be dispensed with on the other three. I like the lace, because, first of all, it is pretty and it helps hide the gap between the lids.

barbara dieges' victorian box in red with white trim

My pattern comes in three sizes, with the 10" size being the largest. The 10″ box measures 10″ across at the top, about 4″ deep and 6″ across on the base. Realize these measurements are approximate, because of the padding, fabric, etc. They hold a lot!

.... Barbara Dieges

barbara dieges' victorian boxes

barbara dieges' victorian box using blue butterfly fabricIf you'd like to make some Victorian sewing boxes, join Barbara in her online workshop. She will take you through the steps to create your own personalize box that can be used for jewelry, sewing or anything else you chose.... and if you are in the USA, you can purchase Barbara's pre-cut box kit to speed up the process!

About Victorian Sewing Boxes Workshop: In this on-demand workshop, Barbara will show you how to choose your fabrics, make the templates and complete all the sewing steps. The pattern includes three sizes, 6", 8" and 10". The size indicates the approximate diameter of the opening.  The quantity of some supplies varies with the size of the box. See our website for a table to help you determine the supplies needed for your project choice. Read more...

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