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Did you know that you can screen print onto your fabric even when it’s already sewn into a block? Here’s the screen taped to exactly match the dimensions of the plain fabric triangles in this batik quilt, with shapes cut out of adhesive paper. The object here is to tone down the brightness of these plain fabrics.screenprinting directly on a quilt

In this second photo, you can see the results of printing grey onto a fairly bright yellow fabric.

screen printing grey over bright yellow

Positive & Negative Images

You may have used this sort of thing in your fiber art. You can make a single image, or multiple images. Either way, you need to cut the shape out carefully so that the piece you cut out is in good condition. It is easier if you print both images at the same time.

For my example, I freehand cut a fish on freezer paper with my craft knife. It is an odd looking fish, but never mind. I then ironed both positive and negative pieces to the screen alongside one another.

screen printing positive and negative images screen printed positive and negative images

When you are doing a positive/negative print like this, there are two important things to note:

  • use plenty of paint - and I mean plenty. It has to cover the whole background of the positive print.
  • use extra protection on your printing surface because of the extra ink. It has a tendency to bleed through the fabric onto your surface, which will cause problems for the next thing you print. I found I needed to use several layers of newspaper under mine. You can peel off the top page and throw it away as required.

Shirley has many more tricks and tips in her Online Screen Printing class for you to learn. Now you can create your own unique fabric to make inspiring quilts too.

About Screen Printing Class: Create your own designs and discover the joys of being able to screen print your own fabric. Explore how screen printing can provide color and texture to your quilting and textiles without the need to use traditional methods. This is a fun and easy class, suitable for all levels. Please note: This class is NOT about printing t-shirts and does not cover traditional commercial-type screen printing methods. Read more...


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