Students made these Bargello Quilts

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Ruth Blanchet's Bargello Seasons workshopOne of my all time favorite online workshops to teach is Bargello Seasons. I have had hundreds of students take this course so today I compiled a few of their finished projects into a video to share with you.

Most students make the four Bargellos as separate quilts but if you wait until the end of the video you will see how two students combined their four Bargellos into one large quilt.

Unfortunately, I do not get to see many of the student's finished work and I'd love to see more. If you haven't sent in your finished bargello seasons projects please do. You can find me at the or leave a note below in the comments.

About Bargello Seasons: Based on the Flame Stitch design in needlepoint, Bargello quilts fascinate us with the complexity and rich interplay of color and value. In this beginner class, Ruth takes you through the four seasons as she shows you four distinctly different bargello techniques: staggered seams, matching seams, adding fractured strips and reversing half the design to create a reflection. Read more...


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