Fabric Tips for Advanced Stained Glass Applique

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There are no real rules about selecting certain fabrics for your advanced stained glass applique project. However, my suggestions in fabrics will make the construction come together with ease. I suggest using all good quality patchwork cotton fabrics. The reason I suggest good quality is because low-quality cotton and other fabrics can fray readily, which is not desirable for this technique as it can easily pull away from under the bias binding. In particular, when making a design such as "Scarlet Rose" an advanced project which uses narrow bias, you do not want any fraying at all. Batiks and dyer's cotton are ideal as they have a high thread count.

Color choices for applique fabric are totally up to you. However, when using the traditional black leading (bias binding) I suggest using vivid bright colors for your applique. This will enhance the overall effect. The black will dull insipid and muted tones but play nicely with bright colors.

advanced stained glass - bright fabrics with black

advanced stained glass - muted fabric colors with black

An advantage of stained glass applique is that you can use the same fabric in pieces next to each other without it all blending together like it would with regular applique. This is because the black leading separates the sections. You can see the difference by looking at the following photos which use exactly the same fabrics in the same places.applique rose with adjacent pieces using the same fabrics

stained glass applique using the same fabrics as above photo with leading added

I hope these tips help you with your next stained glass applique project. If you'd like to learn more, join me in my advanced stained glass online workshop. While you make my Scarlet Rose project you'll be learning how to make your own bias binding and the secrets to getting around tight curves and sharp points as you see on the leaves and stems of my quilt below.

stained glass rose project as pattern or online workshop

About Scarlet Rose Project: This technique is one of the easiest types of applique where raw edges are covers with bias binding. There is no quilting required and all stitching can be done with straight stitch OR you can complete the project by hand if you wish. You can make it in no time at all with pre-made bias, however, Ruth does teach you to make your own in her workshop. This project is available as a download pattern or online workshop

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