Will this work for a Still Life quilt?

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So I have myself thinking about my Still Life class which is coming up again. I love this class because I see some really creative works being produced... But I realize it has been quite some time since I've made a still life project for myself so I began thinking about what I should make.

In the class, the main exercise is focused on a vase. I show how to get good lighting to take the right photo and then create that photo into a template pattern to work from. I'm thinking for my new still life, I'll include a flower in the vase. I think I have found just the right setting.

poppy in vase

But let's adjust that a little so we can see the inner side of the poppy a little better.

How about this? 

poppy in vase showing inner side of poppy

Do you think this will work?

I'll be putting this into textile over the coming weeks, starting by drawing up the templates and then selecting fabrics, then putting it all together. Once I'm done, I'll share the templates with my class students as an extra bonus for joining me in this adventure of making another Still Life quilt. I hope to see you in class.

About Still Life: In this online workshop we will learn to transform still life arrangements using textiles. We begin by learning to make templates from a photo, which I have supplied or you may use your own. Step by step instructions guide you how to do this with ease using the free graphic program, GIMP. Use graduates of color to create dimension in your still life and then enhance it with thread work. Our final lesson includes enhanced features that you can add to your still life images such as shadows and reflections. We attach your still life form to a suitable background and then finish it off by stretching it over stretcher bars or bind it off like a regular quilt. There are many possibilities and everyone will create a unique masterpiece for their self. Read more...


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