A Barn Owl for Ozark Garden

Posted by Lily Kerns on 20 April 2015 | 0 Comments


Hi, folks! Well, this has been a wild week. I'm staying with relatives while I recuperate from elbow surgery. I had no idea just how much not being able to use one "wing" could complicate simple daily tasks!

Last night as my great nephew was driving home from work, a barn owl, flying too low, crashed into his car and ended up on his front seat. Being the warm hearted animal lovers these folks are, they have placed it in a small covered cage right next to the larger cage with a batch of baby chickens so it can share their heat lamp. There are no wild life rehab services in this area, so tomorrow it will be placed in an old barn with more cat food and a supply of water. The recommendation was to allow nature to take its course. Believe me, I'm sympathizing with this poor creature with a damaged wing!

It also made me wonder if anyone might want to add an owl to their Garden quilt. I researched on Pinterest and pinned a few. http://pinterest.com/segwaygrandma/ozarks-garden-quilt-inspiration
None of these exactly fit what I wanted or matched the style of my Ozark Garden quilt. Size isn't a problem for this quilt. If you make the block the same width as the others, height of the block isn't a problem. Of course, all the cutesy "wise old owl" patterns don't match the style.

lily's foundation pieced owl So I decided that this was a good time for a mini tutorial on designing a foundation paper pieced block from a photograph. You can find it here in the Academy of Quilting Library. Designing your own foundation paper pieced block tutorial

I hope you will enjoy designing your own Garden quilt as much as I have in creating the original Ozark Garden quilt and planning this class.

... Lily Kerns

Ozark Garden quilt by Lily KernsAbout Ozark Garden Workshop: Ozark Garden focuses on the creative use of color, value and pattern to display a wash of sunlight and shadow around a secluded garden pool. Lily shares her award-winning patterns and relaxed goof-proof approach to paper piecing. The quilts you make will be uniquely your own in this creative class. Make a series of Garden Sampler wall hangings or create one large Garden as Lily did. Read more...

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