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It is important to be aware of the guidelines for strong compositions. One of the many beauties of a series is that your awareness of these is repeatedly outlined, emphasized, exercised and practiced as you evaluate each piece. My goal is that you finish the course with a series outlined, several designs planned, and one or more cut and pinned.

Do not worry about being able to draw. Drawing is a specific skill that improves with practice. It is useful for some specific types of art but not all. It is well known that many successful artists do not draw that well; the important thing is to be able to sketch out roughly what you want to do, where you want to place the main shapes, so that you have a plan you can follow.

More than anything, working in a series helps you learn how to work from your own ideas and discover your unique voice. Your quilts may be abstract, realistic or impressionistic; the type of work you choose to do should be totally to your own taste. Consider which quilts you are most drawn to when you see a quilt show, or look at a catalogue. What kind of paintings and other artwork do you really like? Refining your knowledge of what excites you and what you find intriguing is an important first step.

Snippet from Working in Series

by Elizabeth Barton

About Working in Series:  Improve your skills and grow as an artist by focusing on a single idea or technique as you make a series of art quilts. Exercises in the first two lessons of this master class will help you clarify your ideas and choose a theme. By Lesson Three, you will be designing and working on your own series. The last two lessons provide examples of series work and delve into more detail on design and art tools. Award-winning quilt artist, Elizabeth will provide individual critiques and guide you through the design process. Read more...

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