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images from Nancy Chong's hawaiian quilting 101 workshopNancy Chong (designer and teacher of amazing Hawaiian quilts) has decided to offer her online workshop "Hawaiian Quilting 101" in a once-only unique format - scheduled on-demand.

What does this mean? It means you as the student have the benefit of both a scheduled (start date and forum access) and on-demand (any time access for as long as you need)..... so you can make the most of Nancy's great teaching skills in the forum and go on to finish whenever you wish yet still have message boards to ask Nancy further questions if you need.

I asked Nancy a bit more about Hawaiian quilts and added a slide show of projects from previous students below...

"Hawaiian quilts look stunning and nearly "impossible" and yet, I was a non-quilter (not even a beginner) when I made my first Hawaiian Quilt (it was a QUEEN size quilt)! Because I wanted one, and couldn't afford to buy a completed one; I found a great teacher, and just did one step at a time. Now you have the opportunity to do the same thing. In Hawaiian Quilting 101 you begin making your block-size project, as you learn each individual step that makes a Hawaiian Quilt (and each step is very easy to do).

Traditional Hawaiian quilts have five characteristics (usually) that make them very distinctive:

  1. just two contrasting fabrics;
  2. a one-piece applique;
  3. design is symmetrical, cut like a paper snowflake;
  4. quilting that echoes the shape of the applique design; and
  5. the motif is usually something significant (near and dear) to the quilter or the person who will receive the quilt.

I've been making Hawaiian quilts since 1978, and just can't seem to stop. Yes, I make other applique quilts too, but my heart will always be with this unique, beautiful, and yet easy style of quilt! I hope you decide to join me here at AcademyofQuilting.com so we can hold hands as you walk down this new quilting path."

....Nancy Chong

Previous students in Hawaiian Quilting 101

Previous students made these Hawaiian quilt blocks

Posted by Academy Of Quilting on Tuesday, January 26, 2016


About Hawaiian Quilting 101: Hawaiian quilts are visually striking because of their sophistication, symmetry, and strong contrasting colors. They look difficult to make and yet are surprisingly easy. Nancy shows you each stress-free step, as you create this 20" breadfruit block. Traditionally it is believed that if your first quilt is a breadfruit, you will be certain to make many more quilts, and we want you to get off to a great start! Read more...

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  • You can find it here Grace: https://www.academyofquilting.com/workshops/hawaiian-quilting-101/

    Posted by Ruth, 29/08/2020 2:08am (2 years ago)

  • How can an I get a pattern for this beautiful quilt that I saw.

    Posted by Grace, 28/08/2020 8:09pm (2 years ago)

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