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fabric for attic window quilt (africian fabric)Here is one of the exercise you will do in Attic Windows - Lesson One. You will determine the best window size for YOUR fabric:

Spread your fabric out in a single layer and look at it closely. What is the 'scale' of the fabric? Are the images large or small? Is there a lot of the background showing between motifs? Is it an all-over print with little background showing between the design elements?

A large print with lots of background will not look good as small windows and a small print with little background will not look best as large windows. But I don't want you to take my word for this. You really need to see it for yourself.

3 x 4 card windowI'd like you to make several 'window templates'. Since I've worked on many Attic Window quilts and been teaching classes, I have made more permanent templates out of heavy card stock. For this class, plain white paper will be fine.

On one piece of paper draw a 4" square near the center of the page. Use your paper scissors to cut out the square.

6 x 4 card window to audition fabricPlace the paper on your fabric and just look through the 'window'. What do you see? Have you only got a part of something in the window (half an elephant, half a house) or is there a field of flowers or a single fish with lots of water around it? Move the page around to see how the window looks on different sections of your fabric. Do you like this size or does it really not work at all for your fabric?

Make another window template............continued in Lesson One.

.... Daphne Greig

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