Basic Dyeing for Quiltmakers by Elizabeth Barton

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Questions about dyeing fabric - do you have them? Here are some things to ponder over...

chain cross

Chain Cross

If you have never dyed fabric before... or you are an experienced dyer.

If you have taken a dyeing class but ended up feeling confused about the whole process...

If you have taken a class, and felt like it was all too much work... or had wimpy or muddy results.

If you have read about a class where you had to dye thousands of little square samples before you could even think about what is needed for that quilt you have in mind...

If you want to be able to dye a reasonable approximation of any color you see anywhere...

If you want to learn how to dye just the right colors that will coordinate...

Elizabeth has the answers. Easy, fun and dedicated to making just what you want to make for your next quilt. Elizabeth is an experience dyer and hasn't purchase commercial fabrics in over 30 years. Now she is willing to share her recipes, how you can create your own and she'll answer all your questions too! Minimal dyes are required to get started, yet you can make almost all the colors under the sun. Learn how.

Take a next step, this class is for you! Join Elizabeth today. Class starts this Friday. Register here:

Basic Dyeing For Quiltmakers

More about the class: In five lessons, Elizabeth explains the process of hand dyeing in simple, safe, clear, easy to remember terms. You make enough dye concentrate in the first class to last through the whole course – and beyond! You really don’t need to be mixing up dye every single time! There are only a few key factors to successful dyeing and Elizabeth will explain them very clearly, so failure just simply is not an option!

In class you will cover: dye mixing, gradation dyeing, pure versus mixed colors, how to derive your own recipes, how to dye neutrals and why you need them and the benefits of over-dyeing. In the last lesson, working from a color inspiration source, we dye the fabric for your next quilt!

More quilts by Elizabeth - all hand dyed.

edge of light

Edge of Light


Foggy Day

Cover of Working in A Series

Working In A Series book cover

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