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Cindy Thury Smith’s CRAZY AND SANE class is designed to introduce experienced crazy piecers to some simple sewing techniques to add visual punch to their crazy quilts. Sane quilters frequently use secondary patterns, settings and sashing to highlight their designs and crazy quilters can also use these. It is also an effort to show how the technique of crazy piecing can be adapted to many shapes (such as the diamonds pieced in Cindy's quilt below) and inserted into many traditional block designs to get a really crazy and sane quilt.

Crazy and sane lonely star

Crazy Lonely Star

Cindy shares some more information about her beautiful wallhanging:

"Crazy Lonely Star, is made by simply crazy piecing onto a lightweight fabric foundation cut into 18" diamonds. Each diamond is a different color so when you sew them together you get a color wheel. This wallhanging was sent to my long arm quilter who quilted in the ditch on the seams in the diamonds and added curving feathers in variegated thread in the black background areas. Yes, it is possible to add traditional quilting stitch designs to crazy quilts."  ....Cindy Thury Smith

You can see the crazy pieced diamonds in this closeup of the quilt.

Crazy and sane lonelystar closeup

Crazy Lonely Star closeup

Cindy's class is available at the Academy of Quilting. When you enroll, you will discover many ways to use your Crazy Quilt piecing skills to add further interest to inspiring technique. Here is an outline of what you will find in class.

Lesson One

  • Setting Options for CQ
  • Sashing Options
  • Modified Square Shape Designs1, 2 and 3 (beginner)

Lesson Two

  • Modified Square Shape, Design 4 and 5 (intermediate)
  • Octagonal Design
  • Miscellaneous Shapes

Lesson Three

  • Fine Finishing
  • Tips for Borders
  • Tips for Hanging Straight/Distributing Weight
  • Batting: Pros and Cons
  • Invisible Quilting and Stitching
  • Crazy Qs in Quilt Shows

About Crazy & Sane: In the friendly rivalry between crazy quilters and sane quilters, the two design perspectives rarely meet. Cindy wondered what you would get if you combined the two? This class for adventuresome crazy quilters will show sashing and setting options, plus several different non-square shapes to make your crazy pieced quilts stand out from the pack. Read more...


quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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